Starting Small: Prayer for the Little Things Part 1

Trash and Other Insignificant Things


Each Monday we haul our trash cans up our 1/3 mile long hilly driveway for pickup.  Because of my physical limitations, we have a young man from the neighborhood take the trash up for us.  But one recent Monday he texted that he was not available that day.  My response was to pray that God would send someone to do the job.  It needed to be done that day.


No more than 5 minutes later I received a text message from Tyler Bird.  Tyler had worked for me in the past but not for a number of months.  The message said that he was free and wanted to come over to work that day!  After Tyler did the work, I asked him what prompted him to get in touch with me.  He said he was not busy and the thought came to him that he should offer to help me.


Taking care of the trash may seem like an insignificant thing.  But I see a couple of larger points in the answered prayer.  First, so far God has not chosen to heal the illness that keeps me from doing the work.  But by sending Tyler He sent the message that that He has not abandoned me.  Even though he may not have granted my requests for healing he met my immediate need, help with the trash that day. 


Second, no prayer request is too small for God to answer (what is less significant than trash?).  Each time He answers a prayer for “little things” (and Pat and I have had many) He reaffirms His promise to be faithful in meeting our needs, large or small.


A third point, offered by elder Scott Anderson, is this: This is God showing the younger people the power behind God orchestrating the bonding between His people. There isn’t a program out there that can even duplicate that! God is very much at work!


In His mighty Name, the Name of the One who meets all our needs, 

Dick Geyer


P.S. The trash might not have been hauled had Tyler ignored God’s calling to get in touch with me!



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